August 3, 2021

2014 BMW i8 Overview

2014-bmw-i8-front-rightThe 2014 BMW i8 is not your typical electric vehicle, and it certainly doesn’t perform like one would expect a vehicle in that class to perform. The 231 horsepower engine is supplemented by a 131 horse electric motor. This gives the i8 357 horsepower. The three-cylinder engine starts to take over for the electric motor at about 40 miles per hour. This little sports car has a top speed of 155 miles per hour. On the flip side, this hybrid vehicle is also capable of 135 miles per gallon. It gives your performance when you want it and economy when you need it.

The lightweight aluminum chassis has a futuristic look, which is enhanced by the scissor doors that swing up to allow entrance. While a six-foot driver may find the interior roomy enough, that same driver may find it a bit more technical to get into this little sports model. The futuristic feel of this vehicle does not stop at the outside. Inside drivers will find a digital dash as well as a heads up display. The dash board has a modern look, but not so computerized that a driver need be a “techie” to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

The ride of this car is remarkably smooth and the hybrid four-wheel-drive system allows for maximum grip when exiting corners. The i8 was built to be an electric hybrid, unlike so many other vehicles that started their lives as combustion engine vehicles and then were modified with an electric engine. While the i8 may not be the super sports type car we’ve come to expect from BMW, it may be the future of super cars.
The fact that the economy of the i8 rivals any other hybrid on the market only adds to the allure of this sporty, futuristic power-house. The electric engine plugs into 240 volts via the BMWi charging station and is fully charged in under two hours. For those looking for a sporty ride that will give head-turning performance, the BMW i8 may be just the car you’ve been waiting for. And for those looking for an economical way to look great while saving money on fuel, the BMW i8 has you covered there, too. This car truly may be the future of sports cars.

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