September 30, 2020

No More 2014 Popular Volkswagen Car Sales?

volkswagen_oringIf you’re thinking about buying a 2014 VW, just make sure it’s not a Jetta, Passat, Beetle, or Beetle Convertible. Volkswagen has recently told car dealerships in the United States to stop selling models of these cars that were made after February 2014. Apparently, it’s only a temporary halt; however. A quick check of shows that there are no current recalls for any of these models; so current customers aren’t going to be able to take their models back in for possible trade-ins or free repair work.

The stoppage of sales is due to faulty O-ring. This ring links the transmission fluid line to a cooler can and the O-ring has been shown to fail. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal at first, it can possibly cause a fire, creating a very dangerous situation for car owners and their passengers. It brings up a very important question: Why isn’t Volkswagen pushing out a recall to car owners so that they can get the problem repaired?

It’s possible that the car manufacturer has pushed out the recall, but the government website hasn’t caught up yet. It’s also possible that since these cars should technically be under warranty, especially since they were only able to be sold after February 2014. Car owners should still be able to take their affected vehicles back to the dealership and get the work done for free.

However, if the dealership is not the original dealership, car owners may run into trouble without a recall notice. You should technically be able to get warranty work done at any car dealership that sells your make of car; however, I have run into situations before where my original car dealership went out of business and a few other car dealerships refused to do repair work for free, or without at least grumbling about having to deal with someone else’s problem.

If you run into that situation, you can always call the company’s customer service number and explain the issue to them. I did that, and they found me a dealership that was more than happy to do my warranty work because it offered them a chance to get my contact information so they could send me sales brochures and try to convince me to come back to them for non-warranty work as well (it worked, that’s where I take my vehicle now).

The bad news for people that don’t own one of these models but would like one is that they aren’t going to be able to purchase them for a period of time. This will allow Volkswagen to come up with a permanent fix for the faulty O-ring and ensure that they won’t have to issue a recall notice in the future. The good news is that the possible car fires have not happened yet. According to the manufacturer, there has not been any crashes or fires due to the suspected faulty O-ring. Hopefully, Volkswagen gets the problem repaired before there are.

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