March 6, 2021

The 2014 Buick Encore

2014 Buick EncoreWith all of the fuss about the General Motors recalls that probably should have been done several years ago, there is an area where other motor companies can capitalize on this, if done properly and tactfully. The companies don’t even have to mention General Motors at all; however, they can start highlighting their cars safety features that outperform the competitors. I think Buick has the perfect opportunity to do this with their 2014 Buick Encore.

The car has several safety features built right in from the get go. It also has optional safety upgrades that can help keep drivers and passengers safe. My favorite option is the ability to add “Rainsense” wipers to the cars. With this feature, a small sensor is placed behind the rearview mirror that detects when rain drops hit the windshield and automatically turn on the wipers. Better yet, it determines the perfect amount of frequency to have the wipers “wipe” the window and automatically adjusts the timing of wipes as needed.

Another one of my favorite features is the Intellilink feature that comes built in all of the 2014 Encores. This feature uses Bluetooth, voice recognition, and text-to-speech technologies to help keep the driver safe. The text-to-speech feature will please those drivers who have a hard time separating themselves from their cell phone during drives. This feature lets drivers know when texts are coming in and there is a feature that will read incoming texts to the driver. Let’s just hope there’s no really embarrassing texts that come through while you’re transporting passengers!

The voice activation feature of the Intellilink lets drivers control the radio without having to take their eyes off of the road. There is even a built in Pandora app that lets drivers have access to a wide range of music that they didn’t have before. The best feature about this is that if you have an MP3 player plugged into the USB port, you can say “More Like This” and the car will automatically build a playlist of songs based on your current song, including songs that aren’t in your MP3 library.

Users can also access Siri (the voice activated computer response program commonly installed on Apple iPhones and iPads) with the Intellink system. Not only will you be able to access music and playlists and make phone calls with Siri, you’ll also be able to check your calendar entries as well. This is pretty useful to making sure that you’ll arrive on time at appointments such as meetings and interviews, or to make sure that you don’t forget about appointments while you’re on long road trips.

The other built-in features are pretty awesome as well. The Encore now comes with an alert that lets drivers know about rear cross traffic and has side blind zone assistance as well. There are ten airbags built into the luxury car, including the standard driver and passenger air bags, as well as side curtain and knee air bags to protect you in case of an accident.

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